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The province of Modena is world renowned for good food, ceramic engines and, last but not least, as the residence of the Dukes of Este.
Sassuolo is in fact able to offer its visitors the most significant memories of his past as a seventeenth-century summer residence of the Dukes of Este, the visit allows the building to admire the decorated area of the floor, paints and plastic decorations full worthy of a baroque palace of European importance.
They visited 28 locations for members of the ruling family in Modena: the gallery of Bacchus, the apartment of the Duchess, the hall of the Guards, the Duke's apartment and the apartment plastered.

Not to be missed, not only for fans of the Red Army, but for all sports, hiking dreamed all motoring enthusiasts, walking a few kilometers you will reach it in Maranello, where Ferrari was born Fabulous.
In the Museum of Modena car manufacturer, you can see the road cars and Formula 1 single-seaters, the trophies of the past and more recent images on the life of the team and his dad, the engineer Enzo Ferrari.

The Salse of Nirano, an important geological phenomenon of international relevance, represent a successfull example of environmental and touristic valorization.
The Salse (mud volcanoes) are the product of mainly gasous (methan) and partly liquid (oil) hydrocarbons deposits. As they ascend to soil surface, they wash out clay materials: the ejected mud is then responsible for the Salse's typical cone shape. Inside the cones, mud seems to boil because of hydrocarbons bubbles, which are actually emitted at ambient temperature. The name Salse indicates that the ejected mud contains a certain amount of salt.
The field of Nirano ist surely the most important in Italy. The Salse of Nirano have a very special aura: they have been known since ancient times, and have been the subject of different interesting researches carried out by historians and scientists.

MODENA - Museum Enzo Ferrari's Birthplace 

The museum complex extends on about 6.000 m2 and includes Enzo Ferrari’s Birthplace and a futuristic automotive design gallery, painted in the yellow that Enzo Ferrari chose as the background for the Prancing horse on his famous logo