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our guests
Who are we ?

"Professional hospitality"
We are a group of company management, who decided to unify standards of quality, customer-oriented services of the hotel, hospitality philosophy and doing the daily work of the group.
So in 1987, combining various hotel management experience, we have created "HOLIDAYS PLAN" to respond to the growing demand in tourism of the seaside holiday and the mountains and the business, in the pursuit of answers to every need during your stay , more personalized, more attentive to the question, more and more care in the offer. A holiday full of hospitality ...... with professionalism and experience.

What do we do?

"We take care of our guests"
We organize your stay or your trip in detail adjusting comfort, services and initiatives specific to your needs and expectations.
So pay attention and courtesy, are no longer just a formal duty, but substance made from
small precious things, from morning to night, from the start to return from the trip.